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Kyou Kara Maoh/ Zero no Tsukaima fic Idea board

Postby Vahn » Tue Apr 26, 2011 3:15 pm

Though not Ranma I am considering writing this cross over I have Season 1-3 and will be rewatching it soon, The thing is the T.V show consider Canon or is the Manga consider canon? Anyway which brings me to ideas board to see what would stick and doesn't.

Idea 1. Louise Summon Yuri after the series in the anime is over, naturally I am not incline to write yaoi so that would mean Yuri is straight in my fic. Although since I never saw the end I am not sure if it ended up being a Yaoi anime or straight still I like the fact that he was straigth and refuse the advances of all the bishies guys around him. Anywho, going off on a tangent, he get summons by Louise leaving his sword back Morgriff back . Of course things could proceed like normal with up untilt he Guiche fight where it diverge as he use his powers to defeat the guy. This is where my ideas diverage.

1a- he uses his powers and didn't even activate his familiar power but his magic is greater appears to be on par with the royalty of Tristian. Then adveture continues when he meats Derf and is happier to have a "holy talking sword" then his old one. Slowly and surely they could start to unrevaled his past together.

1b- Coblert and the head master recognize the power as the demon lord from the Great Demon Kingdom that sit upon the other side of the holy land which the Elves now control. There could be a scene where the head master look at Yuri Eyes color, hair color and dress as in all black and said that Louise summoned the Demon King as her familiar. Of course Hijinks could ensued over that revelation, what happens and how it interacts is up for writing but with this it would make this a fusion of Louise world and Yuri world.

So yeah just something that is boucing around in my head but I need more information first before I can even try to write it. I know the Louise novels series in depth but KKM I need to rewatch, any other ideas or suggestion is welcome and see if we can make a coherent storyline out of this.
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