Ranma and the Gundam Ruler of Hades

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Ranma and the Gundam Ruler of Hades

Postby Tentai21 » Mon May 16, 2011 10:58 pm

Yeah me again after so long and i had this crazy idea running though my head.

This idea is a ranma gundam wing crossover with zeorymer: project hades and one or two others.

The idea is that there is a colony on mars that was once a space colony that was progressing far into the sciences enough that the technology would help allow the other space colonies become independent from the earth, some of which had been pattenred and passed onto the other colonies.

Romafella feelng threatened by this as the space colonies would be far more advanced than earth and they would become dependet on he space colonies advances in technology's caused that colony to seemily be destroyed.
But in truth it lost its orbit it was in and drifted into space eventually ending up in mars orbit, and some of the tech is used in hidding the colony from earth.
They then set about colonising mars and advancing their sciences as well as looking for revenge. Thus the Steel dragons society came into being with the entent of either ruling or destroying the earth in revenge and likely the other space colonies for not doing anything.

Major advances come and the creation of enhancing humans to be super human as well as some developing or developments in the use of their ki and psychic abilities.

So mobile suits are created and tested which lead to the eigth divine robots also combining gundarium ally increasing its armour and such.
Though this doesn't mean they don't create lesser units that are still more powerful than those of the earth and space militaries.

Though the last mobile suit is stolen during its construction and the lead scientist and partner escape with the child designated as the best pilot for it and they escape and manage to get o the colonies and with their advanced tech contact the 5 scientist working on the wing zero and its systems.

though they work on modifying the gundam to better improve it compared to the other divine robots and some other features so i looks like a cross between wing zero and the zeorymer. but only ranma can pilot it as it was designed and built just for him even as the other divine robots have something similar though they make allowances in case the current pilot is unsuitable for the job.

Thats as far as i have gotten the two scientist that have ranma are the one in canon for the zeorymer who built it and the others and Dr. Raizo Kasshu who improves his system of nanotech though its not like his canon version not as dangerous as well as planting these in the pilot to enhance its security incase someone tries to use the mobile suit.

That and a system of chi tech though not as great in that it enhances the response times and minor power boost over all to the suits abilites.

so we get to see ranma take part in operation meteor the alternitive plan like the other pilots as the two scientists feel that this plan is far better than what the society had planned. At some point the stell dragons attack sending their forces to begin project hades.

The tendos well either are on mars or on either the space colonies or earth and ranma will meet them at some point though i dought a pairing with them especially akane not my thing that.

Yeah if anyones wondering with all this advanced tech and science with what in the original canon of zeorymer the robot in that the zeorymer of heavens having the dimension linkage systems well it has that as the only one who does and all evidence and research on mars is destroyed to make sure that the others or another one is built and equipt on another robot.

The weapons well the one that the canon version used well i would limit them so he would use the other weapons the other mobile suits use though that doesn't mean he can't use them just that they are being kept as a suprise like those special occasions that come along.
That and keeping the other abilites hidden though revealing them when need.

This has been knocking around my hed for a very long time since i started reading the crossover fanfictions with ranma and it came to me this idea after one day rewatching Zeorymer: Project Hades and some other how about this for a story.

Tell me what you all think about this idea if its not to bad as the last mecha idea i had.
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