Child/Son of two Blood lines of magic

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Child/Son of two Blood lines of magic

Postby Tentai21 » Mon May 23, 2011 10:19 pm

Hi again well i had this crazy ass idea after looking at the recent negima manga chapter and thought hell why not.

If you have looked at the picture for the mage of beginings you would think its another haku moment from naruto manga again so we have an opening. As we don't have that much info on the mage of beginings who created the magical world, like was the mage actually female as in the picture it looks like the mage is female especially with that style of hair.

So looking at it as the mage being female this idea slowly crept up on me with crossing it over with ranma and onimusha and possible mix in sailor moon, love hina and history's strongest disciple kenichi.
The idea is that the mage escapes from the crystal and sets it up to look like she is still trapped and goes off to explore earth the old world and or has amnesia and so forgets her past and explores the world while trying to recover her memories of the past.
Either way she decides to help hide herself better and so marries or not but has a child, with two ideas for this is in one she takes on the name nodoka and marries genma to help hide though she doesn't give birth to genmas child no instead is one of the oni from onimusha like in the game series characters like the main character Jubei in the second game and the main character in Dawn of Dreams Soki are both have oni parents.

The second idea for this is the mage has a child a daughter she cames nodoka and raises her well involving both the fighting arts from her father and what is used in the magical world and her magic arts the various spells, skills etc. And nodoka marries genma later and has a child though hot genmas and is able to trick genma into thinking that he is the father.

In either case ranma is taken away on his training trip by genma and goes through the same thing without knowing his hereitage, this comes out when he meets his mother who (with the mage being that) has awakened her lost memories and well she makes an example of him. (sort of makes me think of lady seto the devil princess of juria when i say that). And likely takes ranma away with her to train as well as fix his educational problems thanks to genma.
The other is nodoka who plays at not knowing that ranko is ranma at the start and after the failed wedding takes ranma away to live with her as well as start his training.

Ranmas schooling goes well and also his training and meets some interesting people like the senshi, those from HSDK and some of the girls from the school that negi goes to teach though before he comes to teach.

The school ranma goes to well.... not sure he could end up going to the school the senshi goes to or to the one that kenichi does though i don't think he would go to the one that negi teaches at.

At some point ranma learns well the arts of magic as his mother points out that the fact its a tool and also it would allow him to protect himself ahead of time in case he came across some magic like curses or be able to detect it and thus protect himself from being under them.
That and if he learns enough he could work out a way to alter his curse or cure himself. by alter i mean change the water trigger, and curse basically doing what the digger sisters did, gina and brittney ended up creating a clone of themselves by mistake thanks to their bad luck curse, and in the same way but with the likely hood his intention is that.
Learning martial arts and sword arts besides this as nodoka (either the daughter or the mage) works out that using the martial arts as the carrot she can get ranma to learn things outside the martial arts basically saying that these are other arts that he has to learn to bee better than he is etc.

At some point the genma make their presence know to the world after infiltrating some of the goverment of japan, or turning some to double agents sort of like what they did in the series and in Dawn of Dreams.
This could happen say during the festival in negima and basically high jacking the attack that chao does to reveal magic to the world in the attempt to capture the world tree for their own designs maybe the world tree is similar to the genma trees or mother tree, or its one that by their ideals and such has become corrupted and they seek to take it back and learn what was done to it before draining it of all its energy.

Likely to try and resummon their leader in his true form and full power again to the earth.
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Re: Child/Son of two Blood lines of magic

Postby WG_Writer » Tue May 24, 2011 3:53 am

urg... you had me at the start but you have way too many crossovers. I got lost half way reading the idea.
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