Changes in Ideas & a New Board.

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Changes in Ideas & a New Board.

Postby Sunshine Temple » Fri Dec 21, 2007 12:04 am

Ideas is being revised a bit. It has been noted that while C&C has maintained a standard of detailed and well thought out commentary. To which I must congratulate all of the C&C board commentators for being a major anchor to this tie.

However, the Ideas board has been slipping. So it's standards will be raised to match that of C&C. Ideas is stated thusly.

For submitting and talking about story ideas.
Idea submissions must be at least five paragraphs long, and include plot points, summaries of which characters are involved, and how it differs from canon. This folder is for anime fanfiction only.

And here's what's new: Replying posts must give actual commentary, no "GREAT IDEA" or "THIS SUCKS".

Basically you can't just say a one line to if the idea is good or bad. Over something constructive. Be critical if you think the ideas is bad (provided you follow the civility and flaming rules).

The goal here is to help craft the idea INTO a story. The focus should be helping transition it to an actual chapter or one shot.

It's also been noticed that some ideas are rather long... in subject. They're less an idea or concept for a fic and a full blown outline. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

However, an idea should be fleshed-out, but if it's so detailed that there's over a thousand words describing it... then that writer isn't going to want the same help as one with a few paragraph idea.

An outline can be very helpful, but commentary on an outline is different than what is done on a raw idea.

There are three states of a fic: the original idea, preparatory work before it's written, and the actual written fic.

We had Ideas, Research, and C&C. But something was missing.

What if an outline needed tightening up or help?
What if a specific scene needed to be worked on but the rest of the chapter wasn't written yet?
What if someone had written a specific scene and had gotten writer's block or stuck on it?

That's why Fukufics has made a new section "Outlines and Scenes".

As was stated, full outlines can be posted here.
Examples Here and Here

One can see how these are much bigger and more detailed than normal ideas.

Also individual scenes and chapter fragments can go here.

As this is a more formalized area than Ideas, higher standards of Commentary are expected. People posting here will exact critique on their outlines and scenes, help to hammer out something before it's ready to post as a completed chapter.

It is the staff's hope that these additions will help in the process of turning concepts into posted fics.

Commentary on the changes is welcome.
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Postby Spokavriel » Fri Dec 21, 2007 12:40 am

I really like it. I only wish it were easier to promote the concept of one idea per thread. I know it's more work and makes it so there are allot more threads for some people. But there have been allot of good ideas that I didn't feel safe to comment on because it was too similar to other concepts in the same thread. It left me wondering how I could suggest anything on any of the ideas without the author getting confused on which Idea I was trying to offer advice on.
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