Walküre [OF] - Prologue

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Walküre [OF] - Prologue

Postby Scooter » Mon Apr 10, 2017 10:43 am

Ok...so, I spent most of last year being uber busy finishing up my BA in Political Science and not having much time to write (or even work on my bus). But now that that's done, I decided to start writing again. And here I present, set in my Pirate/Slave-verse (which, for all intents and purposes, is a dead story), the prologue to Walküre.


The door from the serraculum slid open. Audraya slipped through, her bare feet padding across the deck as she made her way towards her master. The silver plated polyceramic dagger blade glowed the faint starlight as she quietly crept up the half-dozen steps to the bed; one she knew very well, having been used in it for the past five years. Purchased from a Black Kris corral at 13 Terran years old, as a gift for her Nova Roman master Gaius Pontius Sudrenus’s donning of the toga virilis of manhood.

Sudrenus was out like a light, the Seidran slave noted wryly. Having spent many a night in his bed, she knew he was a heavy sleeper. Audraya slipped the blade in between his 6th and 7th ribs, pointing up. As the tip of the blade pierced his lung and heart, he screamed waking, and began the grapple with her, his eyes locked on her’s. Audraya held on to the hilt of the dagger, fighting the larger, stronger male, even as his life blood surged through the hole made by the 27cm blade; his thrashing making the damage more extensive.

“A...Audraya,” he gasped out, as his right lung collapsed. “W...why? I gave you ever…” His eyes gazed over, as the last breath in his lungs rattled out.

“Because you were a sadistic asshole,” she growled in reply to the corpse, yanking the dagger out of his side. “You have no idea how long I waited for this day, bastard.”

Settingthe blade on the desk next to the bed, she locked down Sudrenus’s quarters and began transferring his accounts into various shell accounts. The Pontii had made their wealth in the usual manner for non-Senatorial families- commercial ventures. Slaves, colonial venture companies, a rather substantial merchant fleet, pharmaceuticals, banking. They even owned a couple of senators; backbenchers but still a way to have favorable legislation brought before the entire Senate. And Sudrenus was no slouch either. His wealth was a combination of family money and income selling captives to the slavers from a recent campaign against a Seirdan colony on the edge of Roman space.

Her eyebrow arched as she looked at her recently deceased owner’s accounts. The profit from the recent sale of the captives netted him over 20 thousand talents; his entire worth was close to 70 thousand. With a few keystrokes, the binary component of those 70 thousand talents were distributed to banks across the galaxy. With the last sestertius transferred to her accounts and her former master’s body cooling on the blood soaked bed, Audraya slipped out of his quarters through the serraculum and to the frigate’s hangar bay.
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