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Postby ckosacranoid » Fri Apr 24, 2020 6:42 pm

I have been posting this over at Suffering velocity and Spacebattles for reactions and thought I would post this here as I add to it. This is what I have done so far and will be adding more to the story as I write more. I have some other funny ideas for other power sets that may or may not be as fun as these so far.

Taylor Hebert the Forums.
By: Jason Walters
Ok this is not going to the normal story style. This is going to more of a bunch of Ideas for Taylors that are heroes or villains chatting about their lives online in a weird multiverse message board. Different powers and trigger events that be talked about and their own words are what this is going to about. If anyone wants to take one of these ideas and run with it and expand on it please feel free to run with something. Some of these ideas I would love to see what someone can do that can write more than I do.

PRO Forum: Taylor Hebert for Taylor Hebert.
11:30am. User: Maverick.
Welcome to everyone that got the invite to this special version of the PRO Forums that covers the multiverse and was sent out to different versions of myself Taylor Hebert. Thanks for accepting the invite and what this is about if talking about yourself and your powers and if wish to share how you got your powers if it changed from the locker that most of us seem to know about. Also tell us about you and your world if it changes from the base line that everyone got in the invite and the package about the base line that happened to the baseline Taylor that seems to be the base of what us all seem to different from.
My powers are very weird in that I have no control over them. I share a body with someone else that has control over what happens and it’s like watching a movie at times and sometimes the other person does block out things from me to keep my mind my own. Let’s just say this person is huge party animal at times and some of the stuff that they do I just do not want to know about.
Let me start that most of my world does not change much from the base line, the bay pretty much sucks with the Dragon, Nazi’s and Skids running around. I am 15 years old and did not trigger with the locker. I am still friends with Emma and Sophia is not the urber bitch from baseline. Sophia is a ward and is still Shadow Stalker and joined by herself and not the hunting bitch from baseline. She is pretty cool to hang out with at least. It seems like no matter which world it is, Armsmaster still seems to be a dick no matter where he is. My was not the worst day of my life, it was one of the best days of my life which really puzzles a lot of people and drives them up the wall trying to even understand my power at all. I triggered at the age of 10 years old and let us say it really seems to have tossed people for a loop since I transform into a 22 year old female that is named Alice Mitchell, call sign Maverick. When I triggered it was after getting in to ride the backseat of an F-14 tomcat with my Uncle who is in the navy. It was followed by a night of watching lots of Navy and Airforce movies when I triggered. It was one of the happies days of my life for sure.
What showed up was Miss Mitchell who was an all-around fully formed with past memories and rank as a USA Navy Lieutenant and Pilot in the Navy. Minor things are she can change clothes on the fly which works lots of times for a uniform. She does not use a mask since it is stated that she is the costume of someone. She can also when needed and we are not sure how this works, but can form a fully formed F-14 Tomcat fighter that is 6 foot long and fully works with VTOL for some reason. She can put other people into the backseat also which gets weird when you shrink. The fighter can use both lethal and non-lethal combat load. She is the person to help out with combat air support with the local Hero’s. We are a rogue with the local PRT. But we are supported by the navy since we kind of have rank with them. It’s really weird since I am both a minor and also an adult in my other form.
A little bit of information about my other half. She has brown hair and green eyes along with being a very willowy woman. She very much acts like the fighter pilot. It is very embarrassing by some of her actions. She is very outgoing and loves to party and shut down bars. She also loves to chase women and I am not sure how many times I have woke up to find her passed out with someone. At least she is not turned back into me after that. It’s very hard when your alt form is a lesbian and you are very much straight. There are a few times that I have found myself waking up as her and not knowing here you are or what is going on. I pretty much turn myself off when she gets into one of those moods. At least she was very much aware of what she was doing when I was younger. Know it’s pretty much…sigh.
The good thing is both of my parents are still alive and support me in this. Alice drives those nuts but they get along at least and she is very much aware of what happens to her affects me also. At least my parents like her and Alice does try not to drive them mad too much. There is one thing that is very annoying, Alice loves to flirt with Glory Girl which drives her nuts and loves to tease her about being slow in the air. This has led to some very loud challenges between them both since both have ego’s as fliers.

12:41pm. User: Three dudes.
As for who I am am, I think that is pretty damn known by now. I am a 16 year old version of Taylor and I live with my dad. Mom dies the standard way. We did not fall apart like main line Taylor did. I never knew a version of Emma, never knew anyway of that name or family. My best friend was David, He was older and very much the car guy down the street and pretty much took in a small girl and taught her everything you could know about cars. My trigger involved a car crash and a bunch of DVD’s. I can’t say just what during the event. But the police report said something about a car crash and lots of DVD’s of top gear in the car. I was with David and we were going to a car show or something and had stopped to buy some Top Gear DVD’s from the store.
I can say I also do not have to worry about needing an outfit to be a cape. I have one and can transform into my cape form. I do have the down side of not being able to speak in cape form which sucks. But for some very weird reason I seem to have 3 Projections that can speak for me and seem to at times have minds of their own.
Some say she likes classical music.
Some say she has balls of steel.
Some say she really hates this intro.
But the only things we know she is called The STIG.
Yep, I am The STIG. I also seem to have the chaps as my projections and they really do have minds of their own at times with what they do. As for where we came out to the world was one a very special cast of the Urber and Leet live stream to the world. Let’s just say the world went nuts with The Stig being a cape and the crew of Top Gear being a thing. The really amusing thing is that the three guys and the BBC thought it was funny and let us run with it as long as we do not do anything Villain like. We also raise money for a couple of different charities.
As for my powers, can call up the hard light projections of the guys who can act on their own and speak and interact with things. I can speak though them as needed and they tend to get annoying when I use them that way. They cannot be hurt in anyway but can pick up and use items for some reason. I can transform into The Stig. I can summon all kinds of cars or trucks to use and I am one of the best drivers around hands down. I can pretty much drive or fly anything it seems to super human skills. I am the bays most well know and best loved rouge. The gangs have pretty much learned not to both us because they have come out on the losing end when you drive a truck though MedHall vehicle chasing Kaiser.
One of the best times was something that most of have had at one point. Those damn Armsmasters panties we had hidden after having as a little girl came back to bite me in the ass. Somehow Mr. Clarkson got them and without me knowing about it asked Armsmaster to sign them and got the reaction on video. The video on online went nuts and I do have to say them are framed and hanging in my room with a picture of the reaction.

6:34pm. User: Maverick
I am sorry Three dudes, but I had to change your user name to Stig. It is much simpler for everyone to figure out who is posting on the forum.

7:59pm. User: LT
Hey Stig, The video of that you posted of Assmaster reacting to the panties is epic. The reaction and how the heck Clarkson got the video? And you come out on an Urber and Leet livestream…Why does that anyway for your first showing?

8:04pm. User: Ranger
Maverick, thanks for the invite to the forums. It will be fun to chat with other about what happened to each of us and how we are dealing with things. I will post me world setup soon I promise. Lots of background info to make for one hell of a info dump since I have lots of extra details to share to understand why I am very different than most of you guys. Stig, how did the BBC and the guys from top gear react to you becoming them anyway and did you have to deal with legal issues? And are you a member of a team or PRT or rogue?
2:49am. User: Stig
Damn it Maverick. I can understand the name change. But I can still dislike it though.
LT, thank you for the reaction to the video. As for why I came out with Urber and Leet, that’s easy. I was a fan of them and it was the best place to put together a funny Top Gear parody show since they had the gear and the know how to do a show. I am what use were my powers in a fight to be honest? I drive cars and summon them and have three guys that talk about shit all the time. The PRT just would not know how to use me at all and would not let me drive since I am not old enough to drive. I just turned 16 when I posted this. I am black, so that goes out the window for the Empire. The ABB is also out since what use is a driver most of the time? The dragon’s driver? NO Thanks. The Merchants are a joke and I really do not want to deal with Skids swearing all the time and the drugs. The Undersiders would be the pointless since they have dogs to use for getaways and being bad guys. Besides, Tattaletale gets in my nerves all the time, she really is a bitch with her know it all ways. Coil is a dick. Kidnapping little girls? Come on, that’s the sign of a pedophile if I ever seen one.
Besides, I got the boys to go straight after the first live stream and they have made more money running the show then when they were hoods. As for the BBC and the Top Gear crew? As long as we do the hero rogue thing they do now have an issue. We also have to do a parody of the show and cannot copy them. They were pretty cool about it. We have been on each other’s shows a couple of times and it was funny mixing the reaction up for the crowd for which hosts where which. Besides, Urber and Leet are gamer capes so we kept the theme for out show and do gamer related stuff.
6:48am. User: Ranger
Hey Maverick, when are you going to post the video of your other half prancing into Miss Piggy’s office with a radio, beer and doing the scene form the movie of singing to her and asking her for a date? You talked about it when I sent you PM about something else.
7:35am. User: Maverick
I hate you Ranger for bringing that up. Now I have to post the damn thing. I have no idea what the hell my alter ego was thinking about that one. I have no idea how the hell Assault found out about it since it was a spur of the moment thing unless she said something to him about it. But he was the one to record it and never lets me forget about it at all. No, The chief did not go out on a date and pretty much tossed her out the door herself and I mean picked her up and tossed her on her ass out the door to her office. Talk about getting shot down in flames though. It was pretty funny since it was not me that did it, just happened to my alter ego.
8:03am. User: Maverick
It’s fragging posted you Bitch.
8:23am. User: LT
Talk about shot down in flames. Did not know the chief could swear that much.
8:26am. User: Stig
(Munching popcorn) (Holds up a 7.6 from Hammand, 10 from Carkson, 8 from Captain Slow) Judges notes, nice pitch and nice throw with some flare at the end for the door slam.
9:00am. User: Ranger
That was epic. Holds up a 9 from the judge.

4:40pm. User: Ranger
I am also named Taylor also and I am 14 years old. I have been a cape for the past 4 years and my trigger was much different from the normal types. Mine was started back in 1903 under President Theodore Roosevelt and Texas Governor S.W.T. Lanham. There was someone that could see the future during that time and somehow got the president to figure out what was going to happen in the future and somehow involved myself in that deal. Somehow there was the thing that I would be the one to help save the world starting with a city and moving one after that.
The background was the president moved the order to form a special unit under the order of the Texas Rangers, The special paranormal battalion that would only be active starting in 2007 under very weird setup. The unit was made up of people who were retired after spending time fighting the Indian wars and settling the old west over the time past the civil war. They got both men and women along with some special types that were added in to the end. There were 100 men and women of all races and backgrounds that became part of this unit. They also had about 10 people who could call upon magic of different types who added a special touch to the unit even though most people do not believe in it. I think we have a voodoo priestess, a witch doctor, a preacher man, 2 witches, One guy who uses playing cards for his magic, and four Indian shamans to round out the unit for the magic aspect and they really work well together for coming up with things to make up for out lack of super powers. The battalion is broke down into units of 10 men who carry as a unit 2 double action revolvers chambered in 45-60 from Colt, a Bowie knife, 9 carry a 1876 Winchester lever action rifle, one carries a Sharps Big 50 rifle with scope. Everyone also has issues a double barrel break action shotgun to use more current extra loads as needed. We also have horses that have some extra powers, they can run up to about 90MPH for up to 30 minutes, after that they have to slow down to about 40mph. They can fly up to 2 hours at 50mph up to a height of 2000 feet.
We have a motto that we live up to and lots of people in this era do not like under any case. We are bringing you in, alive or dead, it’s your choice. We end up putting a lot of people in the ground. We do not take shit from anyone and the PRT really hates up. It’s a good thing we do not have to work under them anyway. I know someone if going to asking why I command such a unit at my age? I will get to that in a couple of lines. My chain of command is the police chief of the Bay. The above is the head of the Texas Rangers. Then we go to the president of the states. I know we skip a lot of steps and step on lots of toes but when the unit was setup in 1903 this is how the unit was to work when it came into being in 2007. Once we were started we came out to the police commissar and we work for the police only, not the PRT even though I am a cape. We brought a lot of firepower to the underfunded police and over worked unit. I have 100 men that carry a lot of firepower then even the gangs had to sit up and take notice and yes, I have has so many head butts with Miss Piggy cause she is such a bitch who hates my guts and my unit cause do a better job then she can. We also have the head of the PRT also hating me also since I am not under her thumb. We work with law enforcement to clean things up, the PRT seems to like catching bad guys and let then go them go.
Let us start with how I became the head of a unit of the Texas Rangers at my age. I am also one of those people who have a body change power. I turn into a clone you could say of one the most well know actors that did westerns, The Duke. My cape name is Texas Ranger Rooster Cogburn, a one eyed hard drinking lawman with always has a hip flask of whiskey. He is in his early 60’s and very good at this job and also being able to work with some people and wanting to shoot others when they get in his way. My powers are to transform into this hard bitten lawman. I am a master you could say since the men and women under my command are projections of themselves that have been dead for some time. Any time one of them dies they reform 24 hours later and they really are pissed off and lots of people who kill my men end up dead for killing a lawman. They pretty are permeant and stick around even when I am not in my lawman state you could say. We back the cops up around the city and even asked to be used by other cities and towns for backup and training. We work with the FIB a lot. They are some very good folks.
As for how this came about. I was with my mom down in Washington DC while she was doing some research for a book she was writing on the old west. There was a letter that was found that had a date and time and my name on it. I read the letter and the next thing I know I was a new cape. Let’s just say the paperwork and talking to people after that was big….and I mean big. It’s not every day that a letter from the past causes a trigger event and has paperwork to back up the event with all the government seals and orders to follow. My mother and father where not very happy to say the least, but came around after Rooster talked to them at length about what needed to be down to say the world. Who needs a mask when you have a total body transformation as a cape? I really only turn a couple of night a week and weekends for helping out, I have a very good 2nd in command that deals with the day to day stuff since I am a minor and have a life outside of dealing with the law. One thing I can say is that I have been to many end bringer fights and we provide air support to capes that cannot fly. We have lost much fewer capes when we show up and with our magic support we can negate some of the crap they do and while we do loss our support at times, we can afford to sometimes to drive them away much quicker since they come back the next day. We try to hell to avoid losing anyone, but sometimes you have to make the call to lose someone to drive the damn things away and do some damage to them. Let’s just say if they show up to the Bay, we have the place so warded up they will be in a world of hurt and we will have lots of time to do some really big damage with some rituals setup and ready to enact for that time. We have done some other cities the same way around the world. Most of the cities are capital cities of different countries. I think I will end on this note and let you all read about this and think about this stuff. Kinda heavy on my part of dealing with lots of adult stuff and turning in an agent of the law and being able to tell the PRT to go to hell for the most part on dealing with bad guy capes.

9:48pm User: LT
I just have to say that Ranger, You have some series issues that you deal with and wow for the stuff you have dealt with over in your neck of the woods. Let’s just say my life is pretty much a comedy for sure. I am called Tailor for some weird reason and my parents are both dead. They died in a plane crash and I live with me aunt along with my younger sister who is 6. I just turned 15 and I am friends with the trio who are nice and not the assholes most of you seem to have to deal with. Yes, I know all about stalker. In this case she is not the asshole here about the prey and such BS. I am the true rogue of the city for sure. I cannot become a member of the gangs or the PRT and wards because I cannot follow orders at all. My powers seem to have a mind of their own a lot of times. I am also a transformer type of cape that becomes someone else. In my case I have lots of shapes I can take on and lots of times my shapes can seem to come out on their own and run off to cause mayhem. My first form and base for that I use the most is Master Sargent Bugs B. Bunny of the USMC. The rest of the cast I can take is everyone from the loony tunes cast. Now you know why I cannot seem to follow orders very easy. My base form really likes to hunt Nazi’s and Japs”his words”.
Yes, I have had to deal with Warner brothers’ legal team. They tried lots of fancy laws to get me to quit being a hero and not to use their characters. We came to an easy terms. I have been the cast of a few movies that we have made with live action cartoons and a many short cartoons as the stars. I pretty much when in my other form I can do anything toons can do as long as it’s funny. That means no killing, but can make fun and totally make fun of and tie and other ways make sure humans cannot get away. Let us just say that the bad guys in the Bay really hate me because I can fight any of them toe to toe and make fun of them and they cannot hurt me. Yep, I have fought Lung a few times along with Hookwolf and some of the other big names in the bay. I have also dealt with the 9 also and brought them to an end. I was not even aware of that one when some of my toons snuck away one day and later I heard on the new that Tweedy, The Warner Brothers and their sister Dot along with Foghorn and a couple of other went and dealt with them. The couple of things I can recall off the top of my head is that Jack pretty much killed himself after dealing with Foghorn after him talking for hours and pretty much tossing him around and calling him Boy for hours. The Siberian ended up becoming the pet of the big red hairy dude that wanted someone the pet and squeeze and call Fred. Not sure what happened to the rest of them off hand cause no one if telling me. I do not know how, but Bonesaw got turn back in time to just after her trigger event. She is now 6 years old again and has forgotten what she has gone though over the past 6 years, she is still a cape that has lots of medical knowhow and helps out Ami heal people. It’s funny being healed by a 6 year old though for lots of people its mind blowing.
The very funny thing is that certain that many of the bay guys and good guys in my town have their personal toon that likes annoying or hanging out with them for whatever reason. And I will have to say it seems not matter which world it seems you see, Armsmaster is still a dick.
The Undersiders seem to have been taken off the market as bad guys and away from Coil by Granny, Not sure what happened there to cause it. But Granny just loves the Undersiders and loves to whack Tattletail with a rolling pin when she gets out of hand. They are now Goofy good guys somehow. I really do not have anything to do with them much, Granny seems to always be with them for some reason.
Armsmaster is pretty much deals with Foghorn a lot. It is very funny to watch. Assault is loved by all the tunes because he really gets into the spirt of them doing things. He wife Battery just seems to live with it somehow. Velocity is always finding Speedy hanging with him and for some weird reason, Speedy has taken to carrying a pair of straight razers he uses to shred peoples outfits which leaves them not wearing much trying to muster being almost naked all of a sudden.
Oni Lee seems to find himself having to face off with DUCK DODGERS IN THE 26 ½ CENRTY. Lung seems to find he is facing a little yellow bird all the time. I think it has something to do with Japanese history. The Nazi party always seems to find them dealing with myself as Bugs, hitting Hookwolf in his wolf form with a newspaper never gets old. Urber and Leet always love to film stuff which combines games and toons with me a lot. They have become one of the best rogue units in the bay after they had a little talk with me once. That’s just a few of the fun facts about my world. The EndBringers have had to deal with the toons also and the Smurf really hates when they show up because she cannot seem to figure out what they will do. And yes, the entire toon force shows up to annoy the hell out of the big party poopers. We have not lost any capes when we show up in force though. The damage is also pretty much very down also along with people being hurt. Have to love cartoon picnics for the win.
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