Not quite a Magical Girl, the rewrite! (Ranma & Magical Girl

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Not quite a Magical Girl, the rewrite! (Ranma & Magical Girl

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[Chapter 01: Magic troubles Part I]

Ranma Saotome frowned as he looked at Jusenkyo. "This is it? Just a place with pools of water and bamboo sticks? I swam to China for this?" Without looking back, Ranma slowly started to walk away. Truth be told, there was a voice inside his head that told him to leave as fast as he could, and every time he had ignored that voice so far he had ended in trouble. For once, he decided he would listen to that voice; unfortunately, his father had other plans.

"Oh sirs, please listen to me, this is important," the Guide said as he gestured to the pools. "This place is very dangerous. No one use it anymore since there are over one hundred springs here and each one have own terrible curse."

"Ranma, let's spar a bit!" Genma said as he leapt up to one of the poles that stuck out from the pools. Then he finally noticed his son walking away. "Where do you think you're going? It took us over a week to find this place even with a map!"

"Well," Ranma said without looking back, "I'm leaving. This place is not worth my time."

"What? Foolish boy! You think you can just leave me after all the time I invested in you?" Genma jumped back to the ground and ran to his son, trying to hit the back of Ranma's head. He couldn't understand why his son was doing this. He had done every possible thing to make the boy love the Art and only care about martial arts.

Ranma easily ducked away, and used his left leg to make Genma trip, all without even looking back. Of course, it wasn't going to be that easy to win. Soon the fight escalated and both fighters ended up jumping onto bamboo poles, while the Guide screamed at them to run away before it was too late.

Ranma was now focused on the fight, once again ignoring that little voice in his head. The two fighters kept jumping around the bamboo poles, trying to make each other fall. Finally, Genma was kicked into one of the springs.

"See? This place is a waste of time!" Ranma shouted, just as Genma resurfaced as a panda. While that surprised Ranma, he had been trained to fight by instinct, so he ducked out of the way without needing to think about it—only to step onto a damaged bamboo pole that snapped under his weight. The boy was sent plummeting toward the large pool below and splashed down into it.

"Oh sirs, what a great tragedy, sir fell into the Shonmaonichuan, spring of drowned panda! Very tragic story of panda…" The Guide's speech was cut off as the water where Ranma fell started to glow blue.

"What? Other customer fell into the Nyannichuan, but why is the spring glowing?"

"Gruff?" asked a confused panda, who just moments ago had been a bald martial artist.

Then Ranma jumped out of the spring and landed on the ground, in the form of a redheaded girl.

"Very strange, why did Mr. customer glow while in the pool?"

"I… I don't feel so well…" Ranma's body felt tired and hurt—actually, not merely tired, he felt exhausted, as if he had trained until he could no longer move, and his body hurt like he had been trashed by a superior opponent. Finally, even his stubbornness could not keep him up any longer and he collapsed in a dead faint.

The Panda took a sign out of nowhere that said "What happened to my son?" While he could understand the curse, the fact that he had fainted and wasn't moving was bad.

"I… I don't know… " the Guide admitted, shocked. He would have to consult his books and scrolls to see if there had ever been any other case like this.

It turned out that while hot water changed Genma and Ranma back, Ranma still wasn't waking up no matter what they did. Panicking in fear for his endangered retirement plans (of Ranma running a dojo and supporting him), Genma asked the Guide if there was any place where they could get medical attention for Ranma and find out why he was not waking up.

Two days later…

Ranma woke up. He seemed to be in comfortable bed, located inside some kind of hut or cabin made of wood. The sunlight visible through the small window indicated that it was early in the morning.

"Finally. Now we can talk," said an elderly female voice. Looking towards the sound, Ranma saw a very old woman who to him looked like some kind of ghoul or monster. However, considering that his whole body hurt, and he had no clue where he was, he decided to save the insults for later. He looked himself over, looking for injuries, and noticed that he… had breasts. A quick look and he noticed that yes, he was fully female and apparently a redhead. Worse, he was only wearing his shorts and undershirt.

"Who are you?" Ranma asked, "Where am I? And why the hell am I a girl?" Ranma would have reacted more strongly, in fact he wanted to, but he had felt a calming presence since awakening, so he didn't.

"My name is Cologne. You are in Nyujiezu, village of the strong warrior women. You would call us Joketsuzoku in Japanese. Your body hurts so much because you had a strange reaction to being cursed."

"Cursed?" Ranma asked, surprised

"Yes, you fell into a cursed spring. Not only have you turned into a girl, you seem to have got hurt because of that and fainted for a few days. Don't worry, you can turn back into a man with hot water." After saying that the old woman dropped bucket with hot water over his head... and Ranma body changed back into a male. Only for Ranma to scream in pain and fall unconscious.

A few hours after that...

Ranma woke up once more, only he no longer was in a hut or cabin but in a cave.

Ranma looked himself over to his relief he was back to being a guy. But... were was his father?

Ranma stood up and looked around the cave only to find a sleeping panda a few meters away from him, how strange.

Wait... didn't he get attacked by a panda before?

Wait... Didn't that...old woman told him something about him getting cursed?

Ranma looked outside the cave, it was raining. With some dread he went outside the cave and let the rain soak him... changing him into a girl.

Strangely he didn't feel angry or ouraged just... strangely calm.

So instead of yelling or going to kick the sleeping panda he suspected of being his father, Ranma did a basic and slow kata to get the feel of this new body. He frowned. It would take weeks to get used to fighting like this. Worse, if he switched bodies with hot and cold water and his enemies found out, they would use that against him.

[Safe Mode Reboot initiated. Stand by...] Said a voice inside Ranma's head.

Where did that voice come from? Ranma looked around, he also felt the calming feeling disappear, but decided that freaking out would be a bad idea. Just because he had the body of a girl didn't mean he had to act like one, right?

Then Ranma felt pain is his chest, and a pink orb of light shot out of it. Ranma had to try hard to not fall down, as a wave of weakness hit him. In front of the girl was floating some kind of small, round, pink gem. Ranma felt the impulse to touch it, and did so, then berated himself for being so impulsive.

[Safe Mode initiated, battery low. Estimated duration of current charge, two hours, six minutes, fifteen seconds. Compatible Linker Core found, initiating emergency protocol.]

"What the hell is going on?" Ranma was really confused.

[Do you wish my power?]

"Power? What are you talking about?"

Before the strange gem could answer, the panda woke up, making Ranma protectively hold the gem to prevent Genma from selling it.

[Connecting to Linker Core... recharge initiated... unit HR-1987 will be fully recharged in twenty hours, five minutes and two seconds. Warning! Self diagnosis system damaged. Unit AHR-1987 may be in need of repairs.] The gem then sank back inside Ranma body while a confused panda stared at him.


"No I have no idea what just happened. Why the hell are we in a cave?"


"You tried to steal from the village? After they tried to help me? What the hell is wrong with you?"


"No, I have no idea how I can understand you."

After the rain stopped, they left the cave. They found some guy was running away with a steaming plate of food, Ranma was hungry but decided he was sick and tiered of all the problems he has for following his father example. So it was Genma who stole the food and ate it instead.

To Ranma surprise that ended with Genma no longer being bald anymore. Although then both of then had to run away from a group of people demanding payment for eating the very expensive soup.

That was it, that was that hair that broke the donkey's back, Ranma decided that he no longer wanted to travel with his father anymore. Soon as it was night again,
they had lost their pursuers
and Ranma had a long potty break because he had not gone in over two days.

Ranma sneaked away from the camp they had made as soon as Genma felt asleep.

[Unit AHR-1987 at half charge, rebooting...]

Just great, that gem thing again.

What else could go wrong?

Well, better deal with it since the thing was talking to him again.

"Uh...What are you and what should I call you, anyway?" Ranma asked the pink gem that was still somehow hidden inside his body.

[I am a Magic Assistance Device. My name is Unit AHR-1987. Do you want to change my name, Master?]

"Uh… I guess?" Ranma tried to think of a good name, one that wasn't girly. He remembered the gem being blue, maybe a name based on water? Ugh, not after getting cursed by water. Maybe something related to the sky?

Wait... did that thing said... magic?

"Not yet. And did you said you can assist me with magic?"


"Can you cure my curse then?"

[Analysing, body switching cursed triggered by contact with cold water, it gets reversed with contact with hot water. Insufficient information to remove the curse.]

"Just my luck. Any suggestions?"


Thanks to the warning Ranma was able to avoid his father, still in panda form for some reason, hiting him from behind.

"Gruff!" The panda tried to kick Ranma but apparently he had the same trouble Ranma had with his female body and was not fully used to it, making easier for Ranma to avoid him.

"You got me cursed! You stole from the people who could have helped with the curse! You always get me ib trouble!" Ranma feinted a punch but actually did a kick that his father was unable to avoid.

"Gruff!" The panda stared at him like everything was Ranma's fault.

"You are supposed to be the responsible adult!"

Before the fight resumed, Ranma whole body glowed pink and he found himself somewhere else, leaving his father behind.

"What... what was that?"

[Master life was in danger so I did an emergency teleport. Battery at less that 5%, emergency shutdown.]


Ranma waited to see if the crazy gem would say anything else then when that didn't happen he looked around.

"Did... did I end in the Wild West?"

AN: Rewrite of my old Ranma/Nanoha cross. No gender lock, no fangirl Shampoo (yet?), a more confused Ranma as he has no clue what's going on...
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