The Kill (one shot Songfic story idea)

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The Kill (one shot Songfic story idea)

Postby Vocaloid » Mon Apr 23, 2018 1:36 am

So, I've got this rolling around in my head for the last week or so. Using the song The Kill from 30 Seconds to Mars, I'll tell the story of how Ranma and Usagi gain inner strength to face their days and demons. They meet up and start discussing their problems with each other and point out how they are continuing to grow stronger to each other thruout the songs lyrics. Here are the opening shots so far, edited in the second verse...

A song fic featuring Ranma and Sailor moon

"The Kill"

What if I wanted to break...

Ranma stared back at the retreating Tendo Dojo, once again taking flight via Akane Air. How many more times would he allow himself to keep being treated this way? It hurt more and more each time, pushing him deeper and deeper to the point of asking one simple question..
'What if I wanted to break?'


Laugh it all off in your face...

Usagi wanted to cry. Seriously, she was so tired of all the life threatening, crushing little fights her alter ego Sailor Moon had to save the world from all the time. Sure she was the moon princess of a long dead kingdom, but really it was all she could do not to just break down and cry every time. 'Maybe it was time' she thought...' to Laugh it all off in their faces.'
What would you do?

What if I fell to the floor,


Ranma landed in the fountain with a splash, almost swamping the moody blonde haired lost in thought princess walking by. Usagi didn't seem to notice till the sputtering redhead surfaced screaming out and cursing as if her life was just some cosmic joke. "...GODD@€¥%" tears of frustration threatening to spill out as easily as the water from the fountain did from her splashdown. Slogging her way to the edge of the fountain, she trips in frustration, only to be caught by the blonde and for a moment held her up til suddenly realizing what happened both fall to the ground. Ranma thinking 'What if I fell to the floor?'

Couldn't take all this anymore


Lost in her thoughts, Usagi hadn't noticed the falling dark haired boy fall into the fountain. Even the near miss of the water hadn't caught her attention, but the anguished feminine cries to the heavens did. Turning she sees the almost crying red haired girl trembling in frustration stumbling to get out of the almost empty fountain. She started to walk towards the girl, noticing how much she looked like she herself was feeling over some kind of inner struggle. She reacts with a speed she didn't realize she was using as the redhead tripped getting out of the fountain. Catching her, Usagi struggles to keep her balance while holding the wet redhead. Suddenly she realizes she's holding onto the other girl just under her somewhat larger breasts and looses her precarious balance. She falls to the ground as she thinks to herself 'couldn't take this anymore.'
What would you do, do, do?
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