Dojo Yaburi

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Dojo Yaburi

Postby toushin » Tue Oct 02, 2018 5:57 pm

After finishing Year 3 of Super Powereds I finally figured out how personally enter Ranma into this universe using the villain of that book. My version is based off of All For One.

A “Vale Tudo” Kenka Karate school developed to combat any type of martial arts including submission techniques. Its motto is to combine the martial arts from other schools to create new and improved skills. Thus the students get out of it what they put in. Which is why it became so famous many martial artist use it to perfect their own art. Not only does it have branches across the world, it runs a fighting tournament.

This is where the story comes in outside of its public face the art is much much darker. In addition to hosting numerous underground fight clubs throughout the world.
The focus of the art is to find styles and technques and study them. Through various methods many of which are underhanded, there martial arts have been disassembled and reassembled.

One such method where this story gets its name from is Dojo Yaburi

Students are sent out to repeatedly challenge dojo’s and fighter constantly pushing them more and more until they learn all that they can from them. the styles current target Nerima

Im basically using elements from

Koudan Kaikan (I’ve noticed that Kyokushinkaikan is incredibly popular in martial arts manga series).

And reunion martial arts
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