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Postby toushin » Tue Oct 02, 2018 5:58 pm

Corpies is a spinoff novel set in the same world as Super Powereds. It follows the adventures of Titan, Roy and Hershel's father, as he tries to return to the Hero scene after leaving to hide from scandal. Unfortunately, as a pariah scorned by the media he is unable to find any hero team willing to accept him despite being the physically strongest super in history. What he finds instead is a team of Corpies, privately employed super emergency responders who protect the public while advertising their sponsors' products. Since they aren't licensed to fight supervillains and their old Hero liaison left, they need someone that can fight to protect them if villains show up while they are trying to rescue people. As he spends more time with the Corpies, he comes to realize that they aren't the inferiors and wannabes that he and many of his Hero colleagues think they are.

My idea is to have him be the Taishou in a martial arts tournament basically a cross between king of fighters and The World Fighting Championship. This will be a cross over with Idol Masters as the fighters he’ll be working with would be celebrities (Idols, Athletes, Singers) entering the tournament for pliability for whatever talent agency they’re apart of. As well as Gun x Clover

Owen Daniels-Former Hero code-named Titan due to both his incredible strength and his large size. Hershel/Roy's estranged father. He used his adaptation ability to turn his body into a powerful fighting machine, becoming one of the physically strongest Heroes in the world.

Galvanize-Young leader of the PEERS team employed by Morent Holdings. An all-around nice guy with an ability to temporarily boost a person's physical stats to their maximum potential. Proves himself to be a capable leader, who knows how to best use his teammates and make life-or-death decisions on the spot.

Hexcellent-Teenage goth girl, who can summon a number of demons that do her bidding. Spends much of her free time on her smartphone or playing video games. She is just itching to fight a supervillain, even though it's illegal for non-Heroes.

Bubble Bubble-Not to be confused with Bubbles from the main series. The opposite of Hexcellent in terms of style and personality. Tends to dress tastefully. Creates bubbles of various sizes that can be used to move people and objects inside them, though they're not very strong.

Zone-A wiry guy, who focuses on agility as opposed to strength. His ability enhances his agility, strength, and reaction to slightly superhuman levels.

Gale-Leader of the team. She is an air elemental, allowing her to use wind as a weapon and a means to fly. Very protective of her city and views Titan as a threat.

Granite-The strongman of Elemental Fury. Already a big Scary Black Man, he can turn into an even bigger (bigger than Titan even) man made of solid rock. While in this form, he can reform his shape at will, even able to come back from being pulverized.

Birdsman-A veteran Hero, who was already famous when Titan was still in college. Can summon powerful elemental birds. Considered to be the team's heaviest hitter.

Misdirection-A support Hero with the ability to manifest illusions. She can blind an enemy by manifesting a black sphere around his head.

Spring-The team's speedster. She uses her speed to avoid getting attacked and to confuse enemies. She can also quickly bind them by wrapping them in rope or a similar material.

Topsy-Titan's old teammate from his days in the Gentle Hammers, a team of heavy hitters. While he's not technically a full member of the Wild Bucks, having retired from full-time Heroing due to age, he is their mentor. He can turn make any object explode by touching it.

Deadlift-The leader of the young team. He's capable but still fresh out of his internship, just like all the other team members. He is capable of lifting almost anything with little effort and throwing it.

Juiced-A girl with temporary enhanced strength and endurance that comes from drinking a special cocktail.

Kaiju-A shifter, who is able to turn into a 14-foot-tall red lizard.

Jeremiah-The leader of Modus Operandi, a team made up exclusively of Subtlety Heroes. The only member of the team known to others.

Aether-The leader of Transcendental Justice, a team of Heroes with less-than-direct powers. She can make herself and other people intangible, which is very useful for rescue work.

Dispatch-An unknown Super, who uses her ability to link all active Heroes through their Comm Links. All Heroes use her to figure out where they are needed. She is a master coordinator, and yet no one knows who she is or has seen her in person.

Dean Jackson-The dean of the HCP at Sizemore Tech. Titan's old dean. A great believer in integrity and judging people by their actions instead of their image.

Leonard "Lenny" Nicolo-Titan's agent. While not a Super, he's very good at his job. A workaholic, not having had a single vacation in decades.

Eli-A young member of a gang of Supers. He can fire blasts of corrosive energy. While initially involved in large-scale destruction, Titan quickly realizes that Eli is a good kid at heart, who just got involved with a wrong crowd.
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