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Postby toushin » Wed Jan 22, 2020 3:36 pm

The author of Destiny's Child, Sailor Ranko, Vengeance and a Half, ect wrote an interesting One Shot that I recently came across. Ryoga never finds out that Ranma was just goading him so that he could learn the Hiryu Shoten Ha and never actually forced himself on Akane. So as revenge he banishes Ranma to an alternate universe where he and his father are assassins, and hated and reviled by all who knew him, his very name associated with pain and suffering.

As stated it is an interesting premise that never went anywhere. There have been a few variations so here’s mine.

Jesus is a world renowned assassin, feared by many and wanted by almost every government organization out there. One day, he gets the bright idea to steal one ton of heroin from a Yakuza group, fake his own death, skip town and then profit from the stolen drugs. However, he soon hits a snag in his plan, and things go from bad to worse. His fake visa isn’t ready for him to leave the country yet, the body double they used is a high school history teacher, and to top it all off, the drugs get sealed inside a reinforced blackboard, and hung up in the very school his body double worked at.

Assassin Ranma wouldn’t have a curse so original Ranma instead of becoming a teacher sets up a new life as Ranko.
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