SCP Foundation, Ranma, Sailor Moon crossover

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SCP Foundation, Ranma, Sailor Moon crossover

Postby Maximara » Thu Jan 28, 2021 4:07 pm

A little idea I had. Not sure what I will do with it.

There is no D Class

Dr Bright turned the smoky black crystal over in his hand. Hard to believe that under the right conditions this crystal could act like SCP-963. Of course that was nothing to the 12,000 year old Queen of a pocket reality or her reincarnated sister who had been taught martial arts using methods that would have made even the Marquis de Sade cringe.

Of course this was not what the crystal was to be used for in this experiment.

"So what dangerous SCP am I to help the Foundation study?" early asked the barely female creature in front of him.

Dr Bright looked the Youma. He had seen how those like her were destined to die. Streaming out in agony coughing up their guts as black goo. The youma equivalent of cancer with no way to mitigate or cure it.

Humanity were their cattle...their dairy cattle. So like a sheep herder who goes to deal with wolves they would do anything, even risk near certain death, to protect humanity. And who better among them to help the Foundation protect their "dairy cattle" than those doomed to die agonizing deaths. One so bad that it shocked even the sadistic SCP-106. Or perhaps it had been replaying the youma's death over and over in its mind. Kept the Old Man quiet for nearly a month in any case. Though whatever had been done to Beryl's reincarnated sister had caused the Old Man to ask where was Saotome Genma and if that man had other children or pupils. "He's my kind of guy," the Old Man had said smiling that insane smile of his.

Mistress Saturn on the other hand, it was the first time the Old Man had shown actual fear. Though when she meet SCP-682...what was it about a 12 year old girl that terrified the immoral lizard? Though Ranma himself was another matter. The gender changing martial artist had used Hard Thought to encase SCP-682.

Now anytime Ranma enters the chamber it backs into a corner and whimpers "Don't do that horrible thing again". Ranma's only response has ben "I give my word as a martial artist as long as you don't kill anyone or break containment I won't." The lizard is now as docile as when it was with SCP-053. You could almost forget he was here...almost. Which was why the 05 council decided continuing to trying and kill him was unnecessary at this time.

These Youma from another reality another Earth were the Foundation's greatest secret - the one hidden behind the stories of the D Class.

The reality was there was no D Class, not any more. There was just too many high maintenance SCPs around for it to be practical for death row prisoners that fit the Ethics Committee's standards. If not for the Youma, the life draining SCP dependents of altered humans from another reality the Foundation couldn't properly study SCPs.

Term shot for Terminal was what these youma were called or T class by the Foundation. The youma filled the role of the now defunct D class. As one researcher darkly put it. "The D Class is dead, long exist the T Class."

If there one one thing that creeped everyone about T Class was how eager the T Class were to get to work. "SCP-173".

The youma smiled. "Oh The Sculpture. Wonder if it has finally figured out breaking our necks is useless."

"SCP-131 will be assisting. We have also modified the room. It's covered in mirrors."

"General maintenance." sighed the youma. "I hoped I would get to "play" with the Old Man. Wanted to see if he could take it as well as he likes dishing it out."

Dr. Bright nodded. This was way different then the old days for there was no D Class, not any more, only the T Class.
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