Clowns, Ducks, and Moon

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Clowns, Ducks, and Moon

Postby J. St.C. Patrick » Fri Aug 20, 2021 10:27 am

What do you get when you cross DuckTales with a clown show and then toss in Sailor Moon?

This: DuckTales crossed with the J.P. Patches Show
And This: Super Clown and Pretty Guardian Gertrude!
And finally This: An animation of dressing the set for the J.P. Patches show

in other words a tribute crossover no-one saw coming.

Mostly as the overwhelming majority have never heard of J.P. Patches.

The J.P. Patches show was a live children's program that ran weekday mornings for an hour and half on KIRO TV Channel 7 out of Seattle from 1958 to 1981.
It was a combination of unscripted improv & cartoons. The cartoons were often Warner Bros, sometimes Tom & Jerry, and occasionally imports from Europe.
For much of the show's run the improv was provided by two men, Chris Wedes as J.P. and Bob Newman as everybody else - a man of 17 faces and 16 voices.

The characters in the first mage are, Left to Right:

Ggoorrsstt the friendly Frpl, a furry cyclops from the Island of Orik, who lives in the secret room hidden behind the door he's standing beside. ( you can see it open in the animation - on the show it was opened using a magic phrase and was accompanied by an explosion and the Ooga Chaka chorus from Blue Swede's "Hooked on a Feeling"

Ketchikan the Animal Man (in this case he'd be Animal Duck), who would bring different animals to the show, all of which were named Fred. His pith helmet was musical, activated by pressing ( or punching) the button on the top.

Gertrude, Telephone Operator, Miss City Dump, and J.P.'s love interest. In the surviving Christmas episode she appears, as an elf, dressed in a red sailor suit dress - hence the inspiration for Pretty Guardian Gertrude in the second image.

J.P. Patches, late of the Ding-A-Ling Bros Circus and owner of the Magic Shack in the middle of the Seattle City Dump. He is also Super Clown an alter ego with plenty of ego.

Boris S. Wort, The Second Meanest Man (Duck) in the World! J.P's nemesis who was always plotting to take over the show or blow up the Ballard Bridge or the Space Needle.

Leroy Frump the City Dump Handy Man, who would always enter the shack from a hole in the floor. The hole being a piece of paper that J.P. would unroll and lay on the floor.

Other characters in the image:

Between Gertrude and J.P. is the clock Grandpa Tick-Tock (in the show he was voiced by Bob) - he would tell stories and at the start of the show would dump water on J.P. to wake him up.

To the right behind Ketchikan's head, the little green fellow is Sturdley the Bookworm (who in the show was also voiced by Bob)

Only a little of the show remains because, A: much had been done live and was not recorded, and B: what was taped was mostly erased.

They put out some videos in the 90s made from compilations of what remained, here is a link to one on YouTube: J.P. Patches Show Volume 3 - Patches Pals Pranks

The animation of the set dressing was inspired by the clip found on the J.P. Patches website: The Magic House

The ducks in this tribute were made using Disney's All Ducked Out Game for the basic figures and then customized using ArcSoft PhotoStudio 6

The background was created in PhotoStudio 6 manually. on 90 layers.

R.I.P. Chris Wedes, who died in 2012, and Bob Newman, who died in December 2020.
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