Fic search inspired by a recent movie

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Fic search inspired by a recent movie

Postby slickrcbd » Wed May 09, 2018 9:54 pm

Talk about a recent movie reminded me of an old fanfic I read a LONG time ago, making me think the movie was based on a plot from an old comic, rather than anything current.

Does anybody recall a Ranma fanfic that used this plot, making Akane a mortal avatar for Death, and Ranma an expy for Thanos.
He winds up somehow killing half the sapients in the universe, then there is a big gathering of people who come for him looking for revenge for their fallen loved ones.
Ranma somehow limits the power of everybody, and says it includes himself as to prevent the destruction of the planet.
It turns into a big megacrossover for this battle with cameos from a dozen different anime, including but not limited to Sailor Moon, Ronin Warriors, Dragon Ball [Z], Rurouni Kenshin, and I think Golgo 13.

I recall something about a bit from a character, possibly unnamed that similar to Galactus survived the death of the previous universe.

Also something in the preface about a question if anybody can surpass the sum of the universe's parts/power or become more powerful than the whole. I don't recall.

Sorry, this story was old, at least 10, probably more like 15 or more years old and I can't recall author or title. My memory is sketchy here, I mostly only remember the "final battle" with the massive amount of crossover cameos.
I believe in the end Ranma let's himself be killed, but only after he has defeated everybody else except one person who sat it out hiding in the shadows. Possibly Golgo 13.

Oh, I do recall Kenshin challenges Akane rather than Ranma during the fight, who agrees to restore one life if he wins. I don't recall the result of this, if it was even shown.

Sorry, throwing out everything I can recall to help narrow things down and I recalled a few things as I was typing. I should have re-organized my thoughts.
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