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Re: Ranma in control

Postby jasonjkay » Fri Mar 29, 2019 9:45 am

rogue7 wrote:Is there any other long stories anyone can recommend; where Ranma has/gains control of the curse/transformation but still uses it?
Like Ranma does in DSR
(I realised it was my poor punctuation that was the cause of the confusion earlier with my initial request)

No confusion, it's just that there is only a small percentage of fics that I would class as long, especially when your using DSR as an example as that fics super long. Adding in control over the curse and the fics we can find are few and hard to find. In my last post I posted some long fics and stated they where off topic still but long. This time im posting shorter fics that do have control over the curse but are probably not as long as you where hoping for. I'm pretty sure there is a fic where Herb gives Ranma a paper with a method to control the curse but I can't think which story that was in but I found these in the search.

A Promise Redeemed By pspinler - there is a small heated container that sprays hot water as soon as the change starts giving a form of control.
Growing Up The Half Way By Joe Fenton - Ranma is cursed young so Genma teaches him to use Ki to keep water away.
The Four Truths By muishiki - I think this has a Ki based method to control the curse as well.
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Re: Ranma in control

Postby rogue7 » Fri Mar 29, 2019 11:44 pm

DSR is more the example of control, not length.
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