Martial Arts Alliance

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Martial Arts Alliance

Postby toushin » Sat Feb 24, 2018 4:07 pm

I want to create one of these. High level Martial arts being apart of their own world is actually used a lot. Take Murim from The Breaker for example.

Murim possess a different strength and mentality compared to normal people. In order to stop the possibility of the normal world and the martial arts world colliding together, for generations murim have created Dojo's and federations to keep the appropriate distance between murim and normal people. Because of this Murim-ins and society have been able to coexist for a very long time. The murim is a world maintained by the passage of martial arts from the previous generation to the next. Accordingly, the relationship between master and disciple must be more intimate and earnest than a blood relationship between father and son.

Soon after their appearance, these monks became famous throughout the society as martial arts masters because of their powers. In response, many people quickly met them in order to become their disciples. In time, with more masters and disciples appearing, the amount of murim increased, clans and schools were formed and the world of Murim was born. Due to the nature of the murim being "not normal", since their strength is far above the ordinary, there was the fear that coexistence between normal people and murim would create conflict and, in time, war. Thus, the existence of the Murim world was kept secret from normal people, with the exception of some members of local governments and federal government. The Murim is governed by the Martial Arts Alliance. The federation seems to be in conflict with a second group, known as the Black Forest Defence who wishes the destruction of the first for a reason not revealed. There are rules the Murim-in must follow, when a battle between Murim-in they must inform Martial Art Alliance of the battle. And if a Murim-in tries to take a life then they have to be prepared to risk there own life as well.

A Martial Arts Alliance is actually a great idea for world building. However given how open Nerima is this level of secrecy isn’t right, but the way things work in ranma there are a lot of options. It would be fun to find out the logistics of it. The way people go to the dojo to help with big problems, the family that watches over Ryugenzawa this program could be used to weed out those who can’t do that.

The version of this used the most is that a group of clans come together to protect the old arts you see it in tenjho tenge with the The 12 Founding Families who are supporters of the Takayanagi family, the ones have control over the martial arts world. You also see it in Histories Strongest Disciple with Yomi.

Would there be a leader of this alliance like the One Shadow Nine Fists or the Takayanagi family or would it just naturally come together.
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