Ranma and Sailor Moon dictionaries?

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Ranma and Sailor Moon dictionaries?

Postby slickrcbd » Sat Mar 07, 2015 2:34 pm

I recently accidentally wiped out my custom dictionary files that had words like Ranma, Ginzuishou, Jusenkyo, Tsukino, etc in it.
Are there any pre-compiled dictionaries for fans of Ranma and Sailor Moon that I could add to Firefox and Thunderbird so I don't have to recreate them from scratch, gradually adding each foreign word?
I'm just looking to save myself some time and effort recreating something that was over ten years in the making (organically), or from whenever Mozilla first introduced built-in spell-check.

Fortunately, I was able to retrieve an early version of it from my Windows 98SE computer, but a lot of words have been added since Firefox 3 came out and I was unable to update that computer's copy of Firefox 2.0.20.
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