N64 Game Shark odd issue.

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N64 Game Shark odd issue.

Postby Spokavriel » Fri May 27, 2016 12:48 pm

I recently bought a used Game Shark for Nintendo 64 and found an unusual problem. It was keyed for a game already so I couldn't just use a regular game on it and get into it off the bat. Strange thing though is that even after buying a couple more games so I have one of each key group it still didn't work yet.

It turns out that there is a difference in identifying the key cartridge if it is on a system with Memory Expansion Vs not.

So I ended up getting it to work by putting Crusin World on it but only when I did so on a system without the expansion pack. When I tried it on the system with that extra memory it didn't work.

I even recreated the error. Just select a key, any key telling it yes on a system without the memory expansion and attempt to play it on the upgraded system. It fails every time until you go back to the one without the hardware difference.

So yeah allot of people might have thought they had corrupt Game Sharks just because the key was activated on a differently equipped system.

Anyone else find any odd Game Shark or other Game Modification device issues like this?
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