Tunnel vision: the Russian translation is completed!

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Tunnel vision: the Russian translation is completed!

Postby Cheb » Fri Sep 08, 2006 5:16 pm

...well, almost. There still one side-story left.
The story index at my web-site
The story index at the main web-site of translated fanfics
I should note, that the first time I used a proper Russian punctuation, not the perversion I used for the previous 10 years thinking it's the right thing. I'll gradually correct the punctuation in the rest of SR chapters (I even wrote a special utility for this), then I'll be able to make an archive version, and even present it to Rebecca...
Here's an example.
This is the original:
Ranma and Akane were under the usual tree at lunchtime at Juuban High
School. They were contemplating the events at Ryoga's wedding and were
trying to figure out how to keep history from repeating itself.
Usagi was wide eyed, "You mean this Chinese girl wants to be Ranma's
SECOND wife?"
Makoto blushed, "You lady killer you!"
Ranma sat up, "It's not like that!"
Akane chimed in, "Oh she is serious. Last time, er... Hmm..." Time was
confusing. "After Ranma's birthday, she proclaimed that she accepted me
and that she wanted to be his second wife. The really weird part was that
she wanted to bear his son."
Minako bugged her eyes out. "His son? Is she that desperate to be a
Akane answered, "No, that's not the weird part. You see. Shampoo is a
Chinese Amazon. They want daughters. They don't want sons. The fact that
she announced to him that she wants a son I guess is to try to use
Japanese tradition on Ranma to get him to agree to marry her. She is
trying everything in the book to get him."
Rei just shook her head, "Ranma, how do you get yourself into these

And this is my translation, babelfished back:
In The dzyubanskeye elder school came dinner interruption. Ranma and Akane sat under their usual tree, investigating events by Regina weddings in the attempt to devise, as not to give history to be repeated.
Of usagi it peeled the eyes:
— You do want to say, this Chinese woman does desire to be in Ranmy THE SECOND WIFE?
Makoto it reddened:
— Ah you, lady's man is such!
Ranma sat down, after straightening:
— Nothing similar!
Akane put its word:
— O, it completely in earnest. The last time when 33... Khmm... — all these journeys in the time and truth could whom conveniently tangle. — It declared after Ranminogo birthday, that was accepted me, and which wants to be its second wife. But that quite strange - she wanted to carry its son.
Minako it swelled the eyes:
— Its son? She so desperately does want to become mother?
— No, — answered Akane, — strangeness not in this. To Schamp indeed from the Chinese tribe of strong women. It must desire daughter, but not son. But its this statement, what she wants son - I think, to Schamp simply it attempts to act on it by Japanese traditions so that it would agree to be married it. It is ready to test each trick.
Yard only rocked by the head:
— Ranma, and as you into everything into this do stick?

Note the total absence of quotes, the direct speech is marked with m-dashes only. This standard is in use for at least the last 60 years.
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Postby Scratx-chan » Sat Sep 09, 2006 7:11 pm

Trust me, you don't need to babelfish it back to english. It only makes you look bad. ;)
We trust if you say it's a good translation. :)
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Postby DCG » Sat Sep 09, 2006 7:33 pm

hmm, i havent been to the russian bords in a while.
Thoes guys where scary good at takening apart plots and guessing what comes next.
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