Zamasu vs Sensui

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Zamasu vs Sensui

Postby toushin » Sun Mar 24, 2019 9:39 am

i finally started watching Dragon Ball Super and I instantly saw the similarities between Zamasu and Shinobu Senshi causing me to realize how much I hate Senshi. Once I realized that I realized how much I hated YU YU Hakusho.

Both are crazy sadistic knight templars however DBS clearly shows something wrong with Zamasu. He fits many of the characteristics of a high-functional sociopath, but he also has an inability to cope with any perceived evil, is extremely sadistic despite his "noble" intentions, and is incapable of even considering the possibility that he might be wrong. Sensui however is treated as if he’s this pure angelic being who couldn’t handle the stress of his job when in actuality he was a self-centered asshole who couldn’t perceive the world as anything other then how it related top him. The reason demons were evil wasn’t because of the horrible things they did but because they attacked him. Humans never attacked him personally so they must be good. He only realized demons were sentient beings and not mindless beast when he cornered Itsuki and he requested to live one final day so he could catch the final episode of his favorite television show

It also shows just how incompetent Spirit World is. The greatest fault of the Kai’s is that they aren’t omnipotent. Supreme Kai was aware that the heroes were powerful, but just not how powerful they were. Gowasu’s problem was that he’s not a therapist. The Kai’s are supposed to overlook the living world and give it guidance Gowasu saw that Zamasu’s mentality meant that he wouldn’t be able to do that however his way of helping him wasn’t working. Spirit world however saw those self same qualities in Sensui his black and white view of the world and desire for justice and felt that that made him perfect candidate to become a spirit detective, and he quickly adapted to the job.

Also remember that unlike Kurama who was only trying to save his mother and hiei who was caught and rehabilitated. Itsuki was a sadist who was caught stalking Sensui in an attempt to corrupt him. And spirit world still let him work with Sensui. Sensui is an overpowered two dimensional asshole. His entire motivation was because he saw one thing that didn’t fit self-centered view of the world. Humans are flawed thus can't be neatly labeled in terms of absolute good and evil that means they need to be exterminated. He also meant one demon who watches tv and that means they must be the victims. I also saw the multiple personality disorder as a cheep copout. The original sensui didn’t want to go through with the plan it was his other personalities so he’s technically still pure and innocent. Even the plan itself shows how much of a selfish prick he is. He wants to atone for his past actions by being killed by a demon bringing about the apocalypse is just a by product of that.

Ironically Zamasu is a deconstruction of what the show says Sensui is and not what he actually is. As Whis puts it, Gowasu should have chosen his successor based on their compassion and not just based on their fighting strength. Zamasu also demonstrates why having a pure heart and a strong sense of justice are not good things to have if you're so set in your belief that you can't even consider the possibility of being wrong.
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